Fathers Day…a Different Perspective

I was sent a link to this blog, and I am so glad I read it. For those of us without good father memories, hope still exists.

Not all Fathers deserve a Father’s Day


Reflecting… — the rip[ple] effect

A moment… I am angry, and there are many reasons for this emotion. Some are justified but others are not. Much of my anger is combined with grief, these two mingled together provide a clearer picture of my writings. I am a man of faith, but terribly wounded by my faith experience. I have felt abandoned by the […]

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The Porn Phenomenon

“The Porn Phenomenon

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Today, our team had the privilege of launching a new nationwide study about pornography. It is a massive research project examining teenagers, young adults, and Americans in general as well as pastors and youth pastors – more than 3,000 interviews in total across a range of questions.

We conducted a press conference with the study’s patron, Josh McDowell Ministries, today in New York City.

The official release of the full study will come in April, when we launch a report on the topic, called The Porn Phenomenon. (You can pre-order a discounted copy here.)

This study is sure to stir up a conversation about porn in our society and within the Christian community – and we hope it leads to healthy, meaningful change. Because a lot of what we have been doing to help address porn in a digital culture doesn’t seem to be working very well….”


Entire article here @The Porn Phenomenon.

The Christians Struggle with the Guilt and Shame of Porn

Excerpt from article:

“In many Christian churches, viewing pornography is seen as a sin. Ogden’s Refuge Church Preaching Pastor Brian Sauvé pointed to two passages in the New Testament of the Bible about sexual sin that he believes apply to pornography.

The first passage Sauvé referred to, found in Romans 1:1-32, discusses how one aspect of God’s judgment is based on resisting temptations, like sexual desires, which limit consciousness of what God commands of his people.

Then there’s 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 which, according to Sauvé, states that people who give in to lust will destroy their relationships with God.

Sauvé said it’s the nature of Christians to feel more guilt and shame when they sin.

“One of the things sin does is it numbs us to the fact that it even exists at all,” he said. “It’s actually the grace of God to allow sin to result in shame or a hurt conscience in order that we will be pointed to Jesus for removal of shame.”

Many times church followers don’t believe they have an avenue for help in their churches, Musil said.

“Today, porn is accessible, available and affordable,” Musil said, pointing to a majority that is obtained online. “We also need resources that are accessible, available and affordable.”

A study conducted by the Barna Group and funded by the Josh McDowell Ministry found that only 9 percent of churches have formal programs to address the needs of members who say they’re addicted to pornography. The study, titled “The Porn Phenomenon,” also states 26 percent of all Christians surveyed say they come across pornography weekly; 28 percent of young adult Christians said they seek pornography at least weekly.

“For Christians in particular, using porn comes with feelings of guilt and shame, and many local faith communities do not seem like safe places to admit a struggle with sexual sin,” the report says.

“Recovery from sexual betrayal is very, very difficult in a marriage,” she said. “Marriage recovery means recovery of a family. … We can’t recover families if we are in hiding or in shame.”

Steven said clergy often tell pornography addicts to pray more, sing a hymn, read the scriptures more and have better time management.

“We need to have a much higher understanding of what is porn addiction and what is necessary to stop behavior,” Steven said.


The full story can be found here.

Yes its Sin, say the word. — the rip[ple] effect

A full month in a new church and not one mention of sin. Not one!!! Maybe I am wrong, but we are still human aren’t we? Could it be that political correctness has spilled over into the church and we don’t ask the tough questions or confront the issues that make the asker or hearer uncomfortable? How can […]

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