• Everyone is busy
  • Everyone has a family
  • Everyone has concerns
  • Everyone is under pressure
  • Everyone has hurts
  • Everyone needs love
  • Everyone wonders what tomorrow holds
  • Everyone has relationship issues
  • Everyone is rushing
  • Everyone has misplaced priorities
  • Everyone has hope for something unrealized
  • Everyone cries
  • Everyone feels lonely
  • Everyone hides their pain
  • Everyone wishes someone else knew
  • Everyone does their personal best
  • Everyone judges others
  • Everyone loves
  • Everyone has deep unmet needs
  • Everyone needs a break from life now and then
  • Everyone lusts for something
  • Everyone is seeking peace
  • Everyone has unnatural fears
  • Everyone wishes someone else understood them
  • Everyone fails
  • Everyone tries again
  • Everyone needs grace
  • Everyone must be rescued
  • Everyone sins
  • Everyone hopes no-one sees their true self
  • Everyone struggles to believe
  • Everyone cannot do it alone
  • Everyone faces death
  • Everyone seeks recognition
  • Everyone has a passion they cannot fulfill
  • Everyone has painful regrets
  • Everyone medicates their pain
  • Everyone needs someone else to understand
  • Everyone wants to be heard
  • Everyone cares for someone


  • Everyone needs Jesus



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