Ashamed No More by Pastor T.C. Ryan

A Highly recommended resource for anyone wishing to understand and minister to the whole church, even its most wounded.

From his website:

“Writing Ashamed No More was a joint decision made between Pam and I when we began to see the remarkable recovery, growth and healing I began to experience after cratering my life in 2008. I had been actively pursuing recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors for a long time; I had suffered from my brokenness all of my adult life. So the roots of compulsion in me were very deep.

Ashamed No More tells a good bit of my story of recovery out of forty years of compulsion, and a number of things I’ve learned about brokenness, recovery and healing along the way out of that wilderness. Because of hope of seeing the Church become robustly healthy and spiritually inviting community I believe Jesus called it to be, the final chapter of Ashamed No More addresses some of the things I think we need to do to change the current climate of fear, shame and hiddenness.”

Interview: A Pastors Journey Through Sexual Addiction

His Blog here.

Vimeo Promo Video




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