In The Moment…

Realizing choices we make in the moment contribute to and influence our future should be well considered when addictions dark call is received. In that time of weakness, the chill up our spine is the cold and unfeeling desire that leads to our further plunge into depths of hopelessness and despair.

We know the results of our acquiescence will be costly, and yet we ignore the warnings and are led away into oblivions burning hell. What is found there are the stinging arrows of regret, the fiery coals of shame, and the constant sickening smell of lost opportunities.


We are not helpless pawns of this evil, but we have been fooled into believing we have no control, no choice at all. But we do. 

If we make the decision to ignore our long-term well being and give in to this slow death we are another step removed from healing and wholeness, this is true. But if we will rebuff this temptation, and find the fortitude to say no in the moment, we start the process of winning. Success is built in the moment. Even now we can say to ourselves that this foe has won so many battles, whats the point? We are tired, empty, depressed, frustrated, we just don’t see ourselves being able to win.

Let me ask you to do something. The next time addiction comes to take a little more of you, to steal away a few more years of your life, to rob you of the healthy relationships you desire, say no. Don’t act without considering the long-term consequences. Take a moment and think, not allowing yourself to be led away by the nose, again! You can do it!


If we say yes to addiction, then somewhere inside is the ability to say no. We have been conditioned to believe there is only one answer that will fill the empty void inside and provide escape from our pain and hurt.

Once we realize that addiction is beatable, and the lies we have believed about ourselves are not true, we will have a fighting chance to be victorious. I know you are sick of the deception, the stealing, and the emptiness of another day lost to addiction. I am too. The next time addiction comes calling, in the moment of decision, say no. Do it just once, then the next time you do it, a bit of momentum will start to build. Even if you stumble you have still made progress in this fight!

Never give up, I believe in you, and so do many, many others.

(I am not ignoring the deeper issues we all have which have led us into addiction. These are areas in which we need help, accountability, and professional resources. This is not an end to itself but a tool to remind ourselves we do have a choice. Will it always be successful? No, but every little weapon we can find to battle addiction will add up to victory.)



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