“Spotlight” on the Truth

This morning I am contemplating the personal impact of a movie my wife and I watched, it is called Spotlight. It is about a news organization that uncovers and reports on sexual abuse committed by the priests of the Catholic church, and the coverup which took place.

This movie caused several strong emotions in me:

  • I had to weep at times, as I listened to survivors speak of what had been done to them as it reminded me of my personal abuse.
  • Anger, as I witnessed the elaborate cover-up that allowed this heinous crime to continue, and the initial evaluation of the press that those abused were merely unhinged, or suffering some sort of delusional problems.
  • Sadness as I reflected on my own life and the shadow sexual abuse has cast on every part.

I am glad I watched the movie though. I had heard the buzz and it seemed to be more about back-slapping and congratulations to the movie maker than about the important subject matter therein. I mean, the act of abuse is the tip of the iceberg, what follows is a lifetime of learning to cope and trying to function as a survivor. The spotlight time accomplished much though, for in truth, any process of healing needs to have a Genesis in order to find some place of resolution.

I encourage you to see the movie, whether you are in anyway involved in the restoration process or want to gain a level of empathy for those who have suffered its horrible stain. Be advised it is verbally graphic in its portrayal of the act of abuse, and there is plenty of language spicing up the dialog befitting the emotional nature of such stories.


I am appreciative of those who produced, directed and acted in this movie, it was very well done. I consider its revelations and extraordinary message a part of my personal journey. Lets not ignore the big and little things in daily life that continue to shape our views of ourselves, others, and the world around us. We have companions on our road to being whole…we are not alone.

Have a blessed day!




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