Avoiding the Trap!


I am very cognizant of my ability to veer off onto a trail that can lead to a dangerous place for me personally.  Addiction to pornography isn’t the harmless diversion that many would have you believe. Even recently I heard the statistics on a major morning show that a million people are addicted to porn. Unfortunately those numbers are woefully short of the truth, and upon searching for reliable information, it fluctuates wildly depending on who you ask.

If, in the professional community they cannot agree on the severity and impact of sexual addiction, no wonder there is confusion and a lack of alarm for the world at large.

Let me tell you that it is a devastating problem and none of us are immune to it’s deadly infection. Fleeting glances are taken at a suggestive image, that person who walks by gets a double and triple take, or the brief visits to inappropriate sites on our many devices; none of them stay where they start. There is a yearning for more, and unless we are able to wrest control back, we will indulge a little more each time until we are in its grasp completely.

The reasons we are susceptible are many, as are those who struggle, so for some further information on this follow this brief video link by Dr. Patrick Carnes here for some additional information. There is always hope no matter at what stage we find ourselves, I know, for I have been to the bottom and still believe!

Have a blessed day!


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